FAQ: Is It A Recycling Week Marion County Indiana?

Does Marion County Recycle?

Marion County’s 18 recycling centers accept most household waste, see which materials are accepted here.

Does Indianapolis have recycling?

Indy — the nation’s 14th largest city — is the biggest municipality without a curbside recycling program serving every household. And only two of the top 50 cities — Detroit and New Orleans — recycle slightly less than Indianapolis.

Does Indiana have recycling laws?

Indiana Recycling: What you need to know Indiana’s regulations for hazardous waste recycling and reclamation follow the federal regulations with some stricter state requirements for lead-acid batteries and mercury switches. The state does not have extensive solid (nonhazardous) waste recycling requirements.

What is Indiana’s recycling rate?

Indiana’s 2018 recycling rate was 20 percent, up from 16.8 percent in 2017. The total MSW recovered for recycling and compost was 1,751,426 tons, an increase of 371,807 tons from the previous year. Waste disposal increased by 175,804 tons for a total of 7.0 million tons.

What can I recycle in Marion County?

Marion County recycling changes

  • Newspaper, including advertisements and paper inserts.
  • Corrugated cardboard.
  • Magazines and catalogs.
  • Junk/direct mail.
  • Boxes (cereal, cracker, cookie and shoe boxes)
  • Office paper (Copier and printer paper, file folders, note paper, computer paper, brochures)
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What goes in the red recycling box?

Plastic and metal cans recycling in your Red Box

  • Plastic bottles (e.g. drinks bottles, plastic milk bottles, bleach bottles, washing and fabric conditioner bottles etc.)
  • Plastic tubs, pots and trays (e.g. margarine tubs, yoghurt pots etc.)
  • Drink cans.
  • Food tins (place tin lids inside the tin)

How much does it cost to recycling in Indianapolis?

INDIANAPOLIS — Starting as early as August 1, Republic Services will start billing customers in Indianapolis a rate of $99 per year for curbside pick up. The new rate is the maximum amount allowed by Republic’s contract with the city.

Is recycling free in Indianapolis?

You can drop-off recyclable items free of charge at several different locations in Indianapolis and Marion County. The contents of each large green box is recycled at a Republic Services-owned facility and therefore follows Republic’s local recycling guidelines: All colors of glass. No.

What types of plastics are easy to recycle?

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) The easiest and most common plastics to recycle are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and are assigned the number 1. Examples include soda and water bottles, medicine containers, and many other common consumer product containers.

Is it illegal to throw away electronics in Indiana?

It’s a new Indiana law that will be put in effect, to try to prevent harmful chemicals from leaking into our environment. Old electronics are now called e-waste and this new state law will require residents to recycle their e-waste at designated sites.

Does Indianapolis have a high recycling rate?

In 2014, Indiana passed a statewide goal to reach a 50% recycling rate. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) has been tracking progress on that goal since 2015. Indiana’s current recycling rate is 16.8%.

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What is the recycling goal for municipal solid waste in Indiana?

According to IC 13-20-25-1 State Recycling Goal, which was passed by legislation (HEA 1183) in 2014, the goal of the state is to recycle at least fifty percent of its municipal waste.

Can you recycle plastic for money in Indiana?

Indiana won’t pay you for every bottle you recycle, but you can still get money through the state’s Recycling Market Development Program.

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