FAQ: What Crimes Are Eligible For Diversion In Marion County?

What are the three types of diversion?

There are a wide variety of diversion program types, including:

  • teen/youth courts;
  • mental health courts;
  • restorative justice interventions;
  • truancy prevention/intervention programs; and.
  • mentoring programs.

What are diversion cases?

It includes the authority of a police officer to issue a summons rather than make an arrest, as well as the decision byprosecutors or judges to offer an eligible defendant entry into an established diversion program in lieu of proceeding with a criminal case.

Is diversion the same as a conviction?

A conviction will usually be recorded for a more serious offence; even if it is the first time you have been before the Court. The Diversion Program (a ‘Diversion’) is run by the Magistrates’ Court and is designed to allow an alternative way for offenders to deal with their matter without recording a finding of guilt.

What is diversion legally?

A diversion is an alternative procedure in a criminal case where the prosecution is interrupted through a deal between the defendant and the prosecutor where the prosecutor either dismisses the charges completely or does not bring any charges to begin with.

What are the disadvantages of diversion programs?

When diversion programs fail, individuals suffer, tax dollars are wasted, victimization is increased, and the system loses credibility, and in some of these cases diversion can actually be more expensive than normal processing, because offenders later have to be reprocessed and possibly incarcerated.

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What is the difference between diversion and intervention?

Diversion program – refers to the program that the CICL is required to undergo after she/he is found responsible for an offense without resorting to formal court proceedings. Intervention – refers to a series of activities which are designed to address issues that caused the child to commit an offense.

Can you get diversion twice?

Diversion was the only real option to avoid this outcome. However he had already previously received diversion months prior for an unrelated case. It is very unusual to receive the opportunity of diversion twice.

What is a diversion process?

A diversion program, also known as a pretrial diversion program or pretrial intervention program, in the criminal justice system is a form of pretrial sentencing in which a criminal offender joins a rehabilitation program to help remedy the behavior leading to the original arrest, allow the offender to avoid conviction

Is it hard to get a diversion?

Attempting to secure a Diversion Order without the help of a lawyer is very hard. It requires conducting negotiations with police and prosecution, and presenting a compelling case to the court for why you should be placed in the Diversion Program.

Is diversion an admission of guilt?

A diversion program can then have unintended consequences for a noncitizen, he added, because it can contain an admission of guilt coupled with a restraint on liberty. Even if the prosecutor drops the charges for the successful completion of a program, the noncitizen may face deportation.

What is an example of diversion?

An interruption from a friend in the middle of doing tedious work is an example of a diversion. When money is taken from education funds and instead put into funds for seniors, this is an example of a diversion of resources. When a road is closed and traffic is rerouted, this is an example of a diversion.

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