Often asked: How To Schedule A Ride Along With Marion County Fire?

What does it take to do a ride along?

To be allowed to go on a ride along, you must apply at the police department where you wish to go on your ride along. Most police departments require the applicant to be at least sixteen years of age but for some departments it is permissible is you are fourteen years old with parent consent.

Can civilians do a ride along?

The most common form of ride-alongs are Law Enforcement Explorers, Auxiliary or Volunteer Police officers and participants in Citizen’s Police Academy programs. Regardless of the reason, all citizens who meet the department’s eligibility requirements are generally welcome on a ride-along.

What happens on a ride along?

During the ride along, you will witness, first-hand, what it’s like to be a police officer. You will witness the decisions they have to make; the communications they have with other officers and departments; and the mental and physical demands this job carries with it.

What should I wear to a ride along?

Ride-Along Dress Procedure: All participants in the ride-along program will wear casual slacks or neat jeans, and a shirt with a collar. Participants in the ride-along program should bring with them appropriate protective clothing for applicable weather conditions.

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Are police ride alongs safe?

Due to the inherently dangerous nature of law enforcement, permitting ride alongs comes with risk. Some of the obvious risks include injury from an automobile accident or injury arising from the execution of law enforcement duties.

How long do police ride alongs last?

Ride‐Alongs usually last 4 to 5 hours. The Sheriff Office has the discretionary authority to deny Ride‐Along participation at any time during or prior to the Ride‐Along’s participation if he/she feels the presence of the Ride‐Along interferes with safety or the efficiency of any operation.

Do you wear a bulletproof vest on a ride along?

Ballistic vests must be worn over an undershirt with civilian attire over the vest. If you are interested in wearing one of these vests during your ride-along, notify your assigned Deputy when the Deputy greets you for the ride-along.

How long is ride along?

Ice Cube as James Payton, a detective on an undercover operation in Atlanta to catch a smuggler boss named Omar.

Can you job shadow a police officer?

The great news is, you can job shadow in almost any career, from a ride-along with a police officer for a shift to following a doctor or lawyer in their offices for a day. Set up an appointment or initial meeting to discuss the possibility of you shadowing them.

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