Question: Is Eagle Creek Marion County?

What county is Eagle Creek?

Daily entrance fees: Biker or hiker: $1.50. Vehicle: $6 (non-resident) Vehicle: $5 (resident)

When was Eagle Creek reservoir built?

Later that year construction began on a dam across Eagle Creek just north of Interstate 74. By 1969 the dam and reservoir construction was complete and the valley began to fill with water. In 1970 the reservoir was completely full and open for limited use.

Is alcohol allowed in Eagle Creek Park?

Alcoholic beverages, loud music, ground fires, littering, hunting/trapping, firewood gathering, off-road biking, and watercrafts of any kind in the waterfowl sanctuary are not permitted in the park at any time.

Is Eagle Creek cash only?

Eagle Creek Park is the only Indianapolis park that requires a daily entrance fee of $5 per vehicle or an annual pass.

What kind of fish are in Eagle Creek?

Fishing for largemouth bass, channel catfish, white crappie, walleye, bluegill, white bass and wipers at Eagle Creek Reservoir in Indiana. This 1,300 acre lake is a city-owned park owned on the outskirts of Indianapolis.

Are dogs allowed at Eagle Creek Park?

Eagle Creek Park is the 6th largest city park in the nation, devoted entirely to nature. Leashed dogs are welcome on its many hiking trails. Call (317) 334-9633 for more information.

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Is Eagle Creek Lake man made?

After the 1957 flood caused considerable damage across the west side of Marion County, a city proposal was submitted to create a reservoir and park by damming Eagle Creek and purchasing land from Purdue University. Indianapolis purchased 2,286 acres from Purdue for $3.2 million, and dam construction was initiated.

How deep is the Geist Reservoir?

15 m

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