Quick Answer: How To Get A Restraining Order Im Marion County?

How do I get a restraining order in Marion County?

Where do I file for an injunction? Between the hours of 8:00 AM and 2:30 PM, you must apply at the Marion County Clerk’s Office (room 102). The Clerk’s Office will accept completed applications until 5:00 pm. If it is after the Clerk’s Office hours, you may apply at the Marion County Jail, Video Visitation.

What proof do you need for a restraining order in Indiana?

To obtain a restraining order in Indiana, you should first speak with a protective order attorney. Your attorney will ensure the paperwork is properly filled out and filed with the county clerk’s office. You must be able to prove the other person physically harmed you or placed you in fear of physical harm.

Where do I go to get a restraining order?

You can apply for a restraining (or protection) order at courthouses, women’s shelters, lawyers’ offices, and some police stations. You do not need a lawyer to get a restraining order. Federal law says that you can get a restraining order for free.

How long does it take to get a restraining order in Indiana?

In some cases, the judge will order a hearing to take place within 30 days from when the petition is filed even if neither party requests it. If no hearing is requested, the ex parte order for protection can last for two years after the date it was given unless another date is ordered by the court.

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How do you get an order of protection dismissed?

If you believe the protection order was granted improperly or that it is no longer needed, you can file a motion asking the court to “dissolve” (terminate or cancel) the protection order. After you file the motion, the court will decide whether or not to schedule a hearing.

Does a restraining order ruin your life?

If you have a restraining order entered against you, you will have to make some immediate changes to your daily life. A restraining order may prohibit you from contacting your children if they live with the person who sought the order. You will lose your right to own or possess a firearm for the duration of the order.

How much does it cost to get a restraining order in Indiana?

There is no cost to file a protective order. Clerk’s Office and court intake specialists will guide you through the process.

What are valid reasons for a restraining order?

Learn About the Four Types of Restraining Orders

  • Contacting, calling, or sending any kind of messages.
  • Stalking.
  • Threatening.
  • Attacking, striking, or battering.
  • Destroying personal property.
  • Harassing.
  • Disturbing the peace of the protected people.

What qualifies a restraining order?

A restraining order may be issued between people who have no family or dating relationships, such as neighbors, or co-workers or for acts that may not be covered in the “domestic abuse” law, such as harassment or some acts of stalking. Orders of protection also do not cover many types of emotional or mental abuse.

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