Quick Answer: What County Is Marion General?

Who owns Marion General Hospital in Marion Indiana?

Marion General owns 50 percent, Cardinal owns 10 percent, and the doctors own 40 percent of this area (Odle Melissa A2). In the past few years, Emergency Room, Cardiac care, and critical care centers have been expanded.

How many beds does Marion General Hospital have?

OhioHealth Marion General Hospital is a 250-bed hospital that has provided quality healthcare to the north central Ohio communities since 1920.

What hospitals are in Marion Indiana?

34 Hospitals near Marion, IN

  • Marion General Hospital.
  • Indiana University Health Blackford Hospital.
  • Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital.
  • Lutheran Health Network – The Orthopedic Hospital.
  • Parkview Huntington Hospital.
  • Parkview Wabash Hospital.
  • Community Howard Regional Health.
  • Ascension St.

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