Readers ask: Should Marion County Judges Be Retained?

What does it mean if a judge is retained in office?

A judicial retention election (or retention referendum) is a periodic process in some jurisdictions whereby a judge is subject to a referendum held at the same time as a general election. The judge is removed from office if a majority of votes are cast against retention.

What does retain mean for judges?

In a retention election, judges do not have opponents. Instead, voters decide whether or not to retain a judge in office. If a judge receives a simple majority of “no” votes, the judge is removed from office at the end of the year.

Can you remove a judge from your case?

California Code of Civil Procedure 170.1 CCP states that a party to a civil or criminal case can try to remove a judge “for cause.” This means that the judge can be removed, or disqualified, from a case for a reason specifically listed within the statute.

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Are judges elected in Indiana?

In most Indiana counties, judges run for election similar to a state legislator or a mayor. When a judge leaves office for any reason during their term, the Governor chooses a replacement.

What percentage of federal judges had prior government experience?

Of the judges with prior judicial experience, 22.7% served solely as another type of federal judge (e.g., a U.S. district court judge), while 20.9% served solely as a state judge and another 11.0% had both prior federal and state judicial experience.

What does retained documents mean in court?

Retained Records means any Record that is not a Purchased Record or Record transferred to (i) the GUC Trust as part of the GUC Trust Assets or (ii) the Plan Administrator.

What does Retained mean in law?

Finally, don’t be confused by the terms “retainer” or “retainer agreement.” Generally, these are not the same as having a lawyer “on retainer.” When a lawyer is “retained,” that means that someone has hired her, and the money paid to the attorney is known as the retainer.

What does motion to retain mean?

What does it mean to retain a case? If a case is “retained ” it is kept open. If your case was placed on the dismissal docket (but not yet dismissed), you can ask the judge to keep your case open by filing a Motion to Retain Case on Docket and Notice of Hearing.

What to do if a judge is unfair?

What Can You Do If a Judge is Unfair?

  1. Request Recusal.
  2. File Appeal to Send Decision to a Higher Court.
  3. File a Motion for Reconsideration.
  4. File a Grievance on the Basis of Unethical Behavior.
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Can a judge refuse to look at evidence?

The answer is yes he could. It doesn’t mean it’s the right decision, but since the Judge controls everything that happens in the courtroom, he controls what comes into evidence. If the judge makes the wrong decision and I ultimately lose the case, I can appeal on that precise issue.

What if the judge is biased?

If the Judge makes a ruling in a court hearing that a guy feels is bias, then he should contact his attorney immediately to try to bring the matter back to court for a motion to set aside the order or appeal the ruling depending on the state’s rules of civil procedure.

What are the requirements to be a judge in Indiana?

To serve on this court, a judge must be:

  • a U.S. citizen;
  • an Indiana resident;
  • admitted to practice law in the state for at least 10 years or have served as a trial court judge for at least five years; and.
  • under the age of 75 (retirement at 75 is mandatory).

Do you have to have a law degree to be a judge in Indiana?

In 24 states across the country, judges don’t need a law degree to serve on certain courts. In Indiana, where more than 50 of the 75 municipal -level courts don’t require judges to be lawyers, two bills requiring those judges to be attorneys in good standing died in the state legislature this year.

Who are the judges in Shelby county Indiana?


  • R. Kent Apsley.
  • David Riggins.
  • Jack A. Tandy (Retiring)

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