Readers ask: Where Is Marion County In Ohio?

What is Marion Ohio famous for?

The Marion Power Shovel Company, formerly known as the Marion Steam Shovel Company, was historically one of the county’s largest employers, but by 2003, only three hundred people worked for this business. The Ohio State University Marion also employs numerous residents. Marion’s most famous resident was Warren G.

What is the closest city to Marion Ohio?

Major cities near Marion, OH

  • 44 miles to Columbus, OH.
  • 77 miles to Toledo, OH.
  • 91 miles to Akron, OH.
  • 98 miles to Cleveland, OH.
  • 111 miles to Fort Wayne, IN.
  • 119 miles to Windsor, Canada.
  • 121 miles to Detroit, MI.
  • 126 miles to Cincinnati, OH.

What cities does Marion County cover?

List of Towns and Cities in Marion County, Florida, United States with Maps and Steets Views

  • Anthony.
  • Belleview.
  • Candler.
  • Citra.
  • Dunnellon.
  • Eastlake Weir.
  • Fairfield.
  • Fort Mc Coy.

Is Marion Ohio a good place to live?

Cheap place to live with mostly decent schools, but not too safe. It’s a small town and there are more good areas than bad. Marion is a very small comfort town.

What towns are near Marion NC?

Local towns near Marion, NC

  • East Marion, NC.
  • Clinchfield, NC.
  • Stumptown, NC.
  • West Marion, NC.
  • Garden Creek, NC.
  • Jacktown, NC.
  • Hankins, NC.
  • Pleasant Gardens, NC.
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Who is in charge of Marion County?

Kerry Joseph Forestal was elected as Marion County Sheriff in November of 2018. As Sheriff, he has the responsibility of leading the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, which consists of over 800 employees; 428 Sworn Deputies, 56 Detention Deputies, and 327 civilians.

What is Marion County named for?

Marion County is the name of seventeen counties in the United States of America, mostly named for General Francis Marion: Marion County, Indiana. Marion County, Florida.

How big is Marion County or?

3,092 kmĀ²

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