When Is Marion County Ohio Birthday?

What is one of the biggest employers in Marion Ohio?

Marion’s largest industrial employer is Whirlpool Corp. – the largest dryer manufacturer in the world. Other major industrial employers include Silver Line Windows and Doors an Andersen Company, Nucor Steel Marion, Inc., Martel Bakery Mix LLC and Marion Industries, Inc.

What is Marion Ohio famous for?

The Marion Power Shovel Company, formerly known as the Marion Steam Shovel Company, was historically one of the county’s largest employers, but by 2003, only three hundred people worked for this business. The Ohio State University Marion also employs numerous residents. Marion’s most famous resident was Warren G.

Is Marion Ohio poor?

Marion is a city located in Marion County Ohio. Spanning over 12 miles, Marion has a population density of 2,992 people per square mile. The average household income in Marion is $49,443 with a poverty rate of 20.41%.

Is Marion Ohio a good place to live?

Cheap place to live with mostly decent schools, but not too safe. It’s a small town and there are more good areas than bad. Marion is a very small comfort town.

What president was born in Marion Ohio?

Harding, born near Marion, Ohio, in 1865, became the publisher of a newspaper.

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Is Delaware in Ohio?

Delaware, city, seat (1808) of Delaware county, central Ohio, U.S. It lies along the Olentangy River, 25 miles (40 km) north of Columbus.

Is Marion Ohio Rural?

Overview. While Marion and the surrounding area is generally rural, manufacturing is a significant source of employment.

What county is number 70 in Ohio?

70 – Richland County: Mansfield. 71 – Ross County: Chillicothe. 72 – Sandusky County: Fremont. 73 – Scioto County: Portsmouth.

What is the county of Marion Ohio?

Marion County

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